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Looking For The Best Foundation Repair Company in Franklin?

Look no further than Pro Foundation Repair. It’s in the name. Our business is the one you can call on when quality and professionalism count. We are the experts that understand just how crucial it is to have a stable foundation and that a job should be done right the first time. We’re not the industry leading company in terms of size, however, we are the foundation repair company leading the industry in quality work and customer service. Contact us today to get the best service imaginable from any foundation repair team!

When is foundation repair necessary?

Whether you’ve observed some changes taking place in your home or are planning to sell. Foundation repair Franklin TN is a problem that needs to be taken care of quickly or you can run into some serious long term issues. Minor foundation issues can easily scale into an expensive fix.

Foundation repair is a must when your home’s foundation is sinking, settling, or cracking. When any house is first built, it’s expected for it to “settle” into the foundation slowly over time – in this case, the structure is just adapting to its environment. However, if the house was constructed correctly, this should not cause you any trouble. However, not every house is constructed correctly. Houses that were not built on solid foundations will definitely need a Franklin foundation repair company. Homes built on a weak foundation are subject to “settling” much further than anticipated which has a ripple effect on the home causing shifts in walls, flooring, and more. Another major issue can be poorly compacted soils.

If you have concerns about your home’s foundation, take a look for any foundation cracks around your house. It’s fairly normal for a foundation crack to be 1/4 of an inch or less in length as a result of natural settling of a newly constructed house. These cracks should be monitored though. If they get any worse, it’s likely you’ll need foundation crack repair Franklin.

How Can I Tell If I Have a Damaged Foundation?

The signs that you may need a foundation repair company to come out to your home can often be difficult to spot as they can mimic conditions that are not a sign of any danger. For example, do cracks in bricks or the small crack in your basement wall add up to nothing much, or is it a sign that your house is sinking into the earth? Other signs that you can find are sometimes not even near the foundation of the house: door frame or window separation, bricks or doors out of square. Sometimes only a foundation repair expert knows whether or not there’s a problem with the foundation that should be taken care of right away. Here are some more major warning signs of foundation problems.

  • Cracks on the Exterior
    • Tiny cracks in the exteriors walls are often nothing to be concerned with. If you notice cracks on the outside that are large and maybe have a zig-zag pattern, that might be a strong sign that there’s an issue with the foundation.
  • Interior sheetrock cracks
    • Homeowners should suspect there’s an issue with the foundation when their interior sheetrock has cracks that have that same zig-zag pattern run nearly the height of the wall. Also, a foundation repair Franklin TN might be necessary if your wallpaper is pulling away from the wall or if you find that there are cracks at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling.
  • Doors out of square and uneven floors
    • It’s not many homes that are in absolute 100% tip top shape a few years after they’ve begun to settle on their new foundation, but it should certainly be looked at if you have doors that are really out of square and there’s sheetrock cracks in the wall above it. Foundation repair Franklin TN professionals will tell you that you should be concerned if your floors are uneven as well. If your floor’s gradient is more than one or two inches every 15 feet or so,
  • Separation from brick
    • It’s never a good sign for the safety of your home when a window or door frame is pulling away from your brick wall. If you’re experiencing this, you should consider contacting our professional Franklin foundation team.
  • Rotten Wood
    • Piers and beams that have rotten wood are often a good sign of a number of issues, not just a faulty foundation; you should probably have all of them looked into. The humidity of your basement or crawlspace could be too high, or you could find that your beams are at risk of insect attack after a flood. Rotting wood is never a good sign for the integrity of your home. This goes for your floors as well. If your floors feel loose and bouncy you should have them checked out by a professional as well.
  • Walls pulling away from the house!!!!
    • This is a huge one. You should call a professional contractor immediately if you notice that your exterior wall is ACTUALLY pulling away from the house. This wall will collapse without attention.

If you are experiencing any number of these potential signs that you might need foundation repair Franklin TN, contact our team of experts today!

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It’s in the name

Pro Foundation Repair Franklin.

The key to our success as a foundation repair company is that we recognize the necessity of providing the highest level of service to each one of our customers. That level of service has to start with our initial contact. Let’s talk! We’d love to be the foundation repair company in Franklin that you trust to get the job done right.

Our Foundation Repair Services in Franklin

Our skilled professionals conduct thorough Franklin foundation inspections to assess the current condition of your foundation. We will identify any signs of damage such as cracks or shifts to determine the best course of action.

We specialize in Franklin foundation repairing foundation issues and using advanced techniques along with high quality materials. Whether it’s crack fixing, wall stabilization, or addressing settlement problems, we’ve got you covered.

Sometimes a concrete slab can settle unevenly, we employ Franklin slab jacking services to lift and level it. This method is cost effective and helps to restore the stability and functionality of your homes foundation.

For homes with pier and beam foundations, we provide comprehensive Franklin pier and beam repair services. This covers any and all issues with your beams, piers, and any associated structural elements.

We offer effective Franklin waterproofing solutions to prevent water damage to your foundation. This includes the installation of drainage systems, basement sealings, and implementing additional measures to keep moisture out of your home.

To protect your foundation from moisture and pests, we provide Franklin crawl space encapsulation services. This means we will seal your crawl space with a vapor barrier to create a defense against water vapor and unwanted critters.

Installing a sump pump in your home can be immensely helpful in preventing water accumulation around your foundation. We provide expert Franklin sump pump installation services to keep your basement dry and your foundation secure.

Our team offers Franklin french drain installation to redirect excess water away from your foundation. This helps maintain the structural integrity of your home by preventing soil erosion and any water related damage.

Cracks in your foundation will often lead to serious issues for your home. We use specialized materials with our Franklin crack sealing service to prevent them from expanding and causing any further damage.

Maintaining your foundation is key to preventing a future foundation problem. We offer ongoing Franklin foundation maintenance services for your home to keep your foundation in prime condition. This includes things like inspections, minor repairs, and expert advice on how to care for your foundation.

Could I Have Prevented the Damage to My Foundation?

Since we know the general patterns of the climate and soil, we should probably be able to control and prevent our foundations from settling right? Kind of.

For starters, we cannot change the environment. The weather is out of our hands; in that regard, the only thing you can really do is moisture control to prevent the need for foundation repair in Franklin. It’s actually quite a task to maintain an equal level of moisture at all times throughout the year. The best thing that you can do for this is to water your landscaping and grass around your home to maintain their life. We don’t really recommend that you do more than that to prevent foundation damage and over-settling. This will keep your foundations moisture level decently consistent.

What Is Foundation Repair? How Does It Work?

In simple terms, a planned repair includes installing supports under your home and then raising your home’s foundation to it’s original position. Basically, our foundation repair company will come out and raise your foundation and stabilize your home.

In many cases, this can be referred to as “house leveling” or “foundation leveling,” but really your home might not be level when the process is complete. The performance of your home and restoring the actual functionality of the foundation. The goal is to bring it back to its originally built elevation (which is not guaranteed to have been leveled in the first place).

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